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Dental treatments from A to Z


A full range of dental service

We offer a full range of treatments from the most simple dental treatment to full mouth reconstructions and everything in between. 2-5 year guarantee is given for prosthetic and more complex dental treatments.

Dental prosthetics in house, with a laboratory master technician

Our primary aim is to offer a quick and quality service for all kinds of dental problems under one roof, this is why our dental prosthetics laboratory in house, is our strong point, which allows short deadlines and competitive prices.

Highest European standards + affordable price

We offer our dental treatments at a much lower price compared to Western countries and Budapest. For a complete list of our services and a free quotation together with a treatment plan please contact our customer service!
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Major dental treatments

Dental implant

The most advanced method in prosthetic dentistry is dental implantology.

Zirconium crowns

The perfect solution to patients suffering from metal allergy. Thus allergy problem is totally eliminated.

Metal-ceramic dental prosthesis

These crowns and bridges are strong, hard and hard-wearing, providing a comfortable solution.

Conscious sedation

The aims of sedation are to relieve tension and painkilling during the dental treatment. It is justified especially in cases when the patient is seriously worried, the operation is long and more taxing on the patient than under normal circumstances or if the vegetative consequences of fear (quick cardiac activity, rising of the blood pressure) may occur as risk factors in the case of the given patient.

Painless dental treatment with conscious sedation is especially suitable for people, who have fear or anxiety visiting a dentist.

In the operating room, normally we place a small plastic cannula into the vein of the lower arm, so sedatives and painkilling medicine can be provided straight into the bloodstream. Apart from this, you continue to breathe automatically and on your own, your state of consciousness is mildly influenced and somewhat slowed down. The advantage of the sedation is that the patient may only remember the treatment very vaguely or not at all and thus the negative experience gets excluded. Most patients just remember the beginning and the end of the operation and the feeling regarding the duration is also greatly reduced. A further benefit is that the patient can relax during the treatment which helps the work of the practitioner.

It is the task of the consultant anesthetist to implement the appropriate form of sedation depending on your general state of health, any specific conditions and the planned operation and also survey your general condition until leaving the operating room and if necessary, ensure the form of painkilling.  In our Clinic, the equipment complying with the current valid professional regulations is at our disposal and we apply this in every case in order to maintain your security and health.  

Extra services


Our dentists and assistants can communicate in German and English – if necessary we can provide an interpreter in Italian or Russian.


To provide our patients with full comfort, we can offer a transfer for the routes of Hévíz-Vienna/Budapest Airports, or for hotel – dental center during the treatment.


To satisfy all demands, we can offer premium apartments besides 4-5 star wellness hotels with a familiar atmosphere.