Our prices are competitive without loss in quality

How much costs?


Affordable prices

Our dental treatments may cost by 50-70% less compared to prices in Western countries. Thanks to our laboratory, we can cut down on prices and the waiting lists are much shorter.

Detailed price quotation

We make a detailed estimate on the costs of treatments for our German patients based on a form which is accepted by the Health Insurance at home. We also attach a payment schedule.

Accepted by insurances

The costs of our treatments will be covered by the Health Insurance Companies for the Austrian, Italian and Russian patients retrospectively, based on the invoices we issue.

Invoices in foreign languages

We make out invoices for foreign patients in their mother tongue, which will be accepted in their home country by their Health Insurance Companies.

2-5 year guarantee

Having made several thousand implantations successfully, we can offer 2-5 year guarantee for our treatments. This is usually longer than in other countries.

Accepted currencies

Money transfer; cash (HUF, EUR, CHF, GBP) credit-cards (Visa, Visa Electron, Eurocard Mastercard, American Express, Maestro).
Ask for our price-offer!

We can offer neither price nor method of treatment without a treatment plan preceeded by a preliminary examination, because it is individually different. If you want a concrete price offer, please contact us through e-mail, telephone or visit us. We always make a personalised treatment plan for each of our patient together with a detailed calculation of costs.