About us

Hodent Dental Care Center has treated more than 3.500 satisfied patients during its existence

6+6 reasons for choosing us


Nearly 30 years

Our team of experts has been serving customers from all over Europe, successfully. We have treated more than 3.500 patients to their satisfaction.

Recognised professionalism

Our long-term success is attributed mostly to our experienced, highly qualified dentists, dental laboratory technicians and assistants.

Western European Standards and quality

We never stop developing our consulting-rooms and laboratories and use the latest and most advanced technologies, techniques and materials.

International experience

Both our dentists and assistants can speak German and English fluently, furthermore, if necessary, we provide interpreters in Italian and Russian languages during the treatment.

Dental laboratory

One of our strong points is our dental laboratory in house, which not only contributes to guaranteeing competitive prices but also to short deadlines.

Flexible working

Our dentists and laboratory technicians closely cooperate with the patients from choosing the right color to the smallest detail.


We provide a detailed treatment- and cost plan, this way you wont have any trouble with the insurer.

2-5 year guarantee

On our dental prosthesis and complex dental treatments we give 2-3-5 year full guarantee.

Good price

We provide our treatments to our patients for a much lower price than in western europe or in Budapest.

Holidays during treatment

Garanteed recreation and entertainment in free time - our dentistry is in Hévíz, the acropolis of therapy, wellness and tourism in Hungary.

Extra services

We book the accommodation according to the needs of our patients, and we provide transfer during the treatments.

Friendly atmosphere

Beside the high professional dedication we also care for the human factor: during treatments we provide a friendly, calm and relaxed atmosphere.
Further 6 reasons

Our dentists

Dr. Krisztina Horváth

dentist, dental surgeon specialistspeaks German and English

Dr. Krisztina Horváth

  • 2012 - Graduated from the University of Szeged – took a degree in dentistry at the Faculty of Dentistry
  • 2012-2015 - Dentoalveroral surgeon resident at the Department of Otorhinolaryngology – Maxilofacial Department of the County Hospital of Kecskemét
  • 2015 - Special exam in dentoalveoral surgery
  • 2007-2015 - Professional practical training and course at the Budapest Implant Center specialized in AOCMF Mandibula and Midfacial fractures
  • 2018 - Master of Science of Oral Implantology

Dr. Rebeka Nagy

dentistspeaks German and English

Dr. Rebeka Nagy

  • 2021 - County Hospital Győr, Petz Aladár Hospital, Department of Maxillofacial Surgery - internship
  • 2023 - University of Pécs, Medical School, Faculty of Dentistry, degree in Dentistry
  • 2023 - University of Pécs, Ivoclar course - Adhesive Cementation protocols for ceramic restorations: veneer s, inlays, crowns.

Our Dental Assistants

Nikolett Kalocsa

dental special assistant, dental hygienist

Dóra Pressing

dental special assistant, dental hygienist

Mária Kramarics-Beke

dental special assistant

Bianka Tornai

dental special assistant

Our reception staff

Katalin Alaksza

receptionist, patient coordinator

Renáta Drexler


Dental prosthetics laboratory

Hodent prosthetics laboratory team

We attach special importance to our dental prosthetics laboratory in house, which not only contributes to affordable prices but also to drastically reducing the length of dental treatments. Our dental technicians can do their tasks in close cooperation with the patient on the spot – from finding the best color of the tooth to the last small corrections.

There are 6 experienced dental technicians working in the laboratory headed by Károly Horváth master craftsman dental technician The dental prosthesises are made in our own laboratory which satisfy the highest demands concerning quality and aesthetics.

Being a dental technician is not just a job, it is a vocation, a challenge. Only continuous training ensures that our colleagues can keep up with the latest technology and materials.